Opinion: Don’t Let the County Buy Rock Spring Golf Course

Rock Spring Golf Course: Credit: @BrianOar.

Here comes Essex County trying to take over Rock Spring Golf Course, owned by the Township of West Orange, for its own profit. West Orange residents already bear the burdens that come with the county-owned South Mountain Recreation Complex, which includes Turtle Back Zoo. But we get no benefit for it — not even improvements to local infrastructure.

Our county roads are still missing side walks and crosswalks on certain parts of Northfield Avenue, Pleasant Valley Way, Route 10, and Prospect Avenue — especially near the zoo. We don’t have bike lanes and not nearly enough traffic lights for such heavy traffic on Northfield Avenue. We don’t even get discounts and use priority at any of the recreation facilities at South Mountain, nor share the profits. We get only the burden that comes with the “entertainment zone.”

Isabela Dias-Freedman, West Orange resident


Read the county executive’s offer to buy the course, as well as Mayor McCartney’s response.