The home page gets the most views – a thousand visitors in our first week. This package includes three banners at the top, middle, and bottom of the page that will link to your business. 


Your banner will go at the top of our newsletters. In addition to a monthly magazine, we also email a Weekend Arts Guide each Friday. A total of five newsletters each month.


Your hyperlinked banner goes at the middle and bottom of the CULTURE and REAL ESTATE pages. The best part about this option is that your banner also goes on all of our Arts & Entertainment and Real Estate stories during the month. The banner lives with that story forever.


Are you a realtor? Are you selling a beautiful house with an amazing history? We’ll assign one of our writers to get your story out there to interested homebuyers. Our team includes architects, preservationists, historians, and journalists. The story will include your banner at the bottom of the story with your contact information. The banner lives with that story forever.